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Joanne Dewberry - Charlie Moo's 

Here in Dorset we use the conferencing facilities a lot at our local university.  Lucky for us not only are they some of the best facilities around but also Bournemouth University boasts an amazing media department.  With many of their graduates going off to work on mega films such as Avatar.  

I've been doing my degree with the Open University now for a few years, it suits me and my lifestyle, as I can pick and choose when I want to study and the intensity I want to study at.  Since the birth of Moo, Megan, Charlie Moo's and Networking Mummies my studies have been how shall I say it ... light.  So I was excited to learn that Bournemouth Uni had an Open Evening with a collection of mini taster sessions.

Media SchoolHalf-hour taster sessions:

  1. Secrets of social media

    Three real business success stories
  2. Lights, camera action

    How TV can improve your presentation skills
  3. Doing the business

    Get a basic blog in just 20 minutes
  4. Developing and positioning brands for SMEs

  5. Releasing the potential of your mobile

  6. Understanding consumer choice

    Helping consumers make the right choice for you
  7. PR healthcheck

    PR risk assessment for your company
Gutted though we could only do 2 of them!! Anyway my aim of the evening was 1. to find out about marketing courses; 2. network and give out a some journals in preparation for contacting advertisers for the next.

My second taster session was Lights, Camera, Action where I sat in front of a camera and was recorded talking about Networking Mummies and being Dorset Business Mum of the Year. It was a bit scary being critic'd afterwards .. I learnt I talk to much with my hands! Then I went into the radio studio and looked a bit at this works.  I was really shocked to find everyone in this department I spoke to used to work for the BBC either in TV or Radio.

During the networking session ... well it was like a mummies reunion! With Mags (Bagel Heaven),  Olga (Wedding VIP), Heather (Sugar Mango) and her hubby Mr. Mango.  The lecturers were really interested in Networking Mummies so watch this space! 

So everyone go and check out the facilities and courses available for small businesses at your local uni you never know what you might find out. 

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