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Emma Wimhurst - Workshop 17/6/10

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I always have time to listen to an entrepreneur and I find the world of business fascinating so when the opportunity arose to listen to a local entrepreneur I jumped at the chance.  I must be honest and say that I hadn’t heard of either Diva cosmetics or Emma Wimhurst but my immediate reaction to Emma was what determination, courage and total self belief she had.  In talking to us all further, her honesty, integrity, and down to earthiness shone through allowing all of us to relate in part to her and her life .

The time spent with Emma was constructive and informative, her book BOOM offers sound practical advice and any company following Emma’s  7 business disciplines will see results quickly.  We concentrated on a companies’ Vision Statement where she helped us to focus on what our company was about and what our main focus was.  By creating our own clear business strategies and personal habits we can all achieve her Boom factor and ongoing success. 

Emma was motivational, insightful and thought provoking to say the least and her book is easy to read and understand .  I and my business partner are now in the process of creating our own vision statement and have created several versions... our only trouble is choosing which one we prefer..

by Heather Martyn   

SugarMango Ltd


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