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Emma WimhurstMake your Business BOOM! in 2010

Working for yourself can be a very lonely place can’t it?  

Being employed simply means that there is someone above you to motivate you, to delegate to you and to provide feedback on a regular basis.   Perhaps not always positive but hopefully always constructive!

This doesn’t happen when you are working on your own – feedback is not so free flowing – and sometimes you are left to your own devices to decide whether what you are doing is right, well received or in the right direction.   So when you do receive feedback it is so exhilarating, isn’t it?

Last week I delivered a 2-hour workshop for Networking Mummies in Dorset – and it was so rewarding to read the Facebook comments and the individual emails about how they had found the two hours so inspirational, motivational and practical.  It made all the effort and preparation truly worthwhile so thank you.




Is there a business or individual who has recently provided you with outstanding service or where you have discovered a product which has transformed a part of your life?    Would it take more than 5 minutes to provide a little feedback?  Probably not, and yet it will provide reassurance, renewed self-belief and motivation – so it has got to be worth the effort.  Surely?

Who can you motivate today?

Have a BOOM!ing week,

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