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Why Skill Swap?

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Skill swapping is something that should be thought about more and more in business today but why and what is it?

Skill swapping is where two businesses come together and swap services or products with each other on a skill they might not be so good at. It is a great way to help each other out without forking out as let's face it when we are starting a business or in the early days we don't have a massive budget for everything and therefore tend to comprimise on what the business actually needs.

Some examples of skill swapping that have taken place in Networking Mummies already;

  • Massages and pampering in exchange for a website
  • A newborn photo shoot in exchange for some marketing advice
  • Twitter management for gym membership
  • Business advice for stationary
  • Products for treatments

....the possibilities really are endless. So if you need some help, why not ask for it and skill swap!

Written by Co-Director Laura Morris

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