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Tips for the first few weeks of school by Holly Poppins

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hp11148559_795676397189733_8227201022044142684_oIs your little one about to start school for the first time? How exciting, they are going to have such a great time, meeting new friends, learning and having new experiences. They will quickly get used to big school, but in the meantime here ’s a few of my hints and tips to help make this transition smooth.


You child may have some questions about their new school and what will happen there, so be sure to give your little ones an opportunity to ask these. There are many books out there such as ‘Usbourne First experiences- going to school’ which can be read, thus helping your child gain further knowledge of what this new experience will be like. If you know anybody else going to the same school, try and arrange a couple of play dates with them, so that there will be a familiar face in the playground for both you and your child!

2)Tired Children

During the first few weeks of school they are likely to be very tired after their busy days, therefore i suggest to limit after school events and activities and ensure that bedtime is nice and early. Try and give them more energy throughout the day by providing healthy, filling and nutritious snacks and meals.

3) Morning Routine

They may not be used to getting up and ready for school so early, so you may have to help them with the new routine to begin with. Lay their uniform out the night before with the book bag all packed and keep breakfast simple to save time. It really helps by keeping a spare toothbrush and toothpaste downstairs so everyone doesn't have to head back upstairs for teeth cleaning! Once your child is fully ready, then reward them will some playtime, but explain that it will soon be time for school.

4) Homework

I’m sure that at some point over the first few weeks homework will be given out, but don't worry I'm sure it wont be too complex! Get into a good routine of completing this early on so that isn't left to the last minute. You child may be reluctant to do this at times, but persevere and they will soon understand the benefits of getting it over and done with!

5) Listen

Make time each evening to listen about your child’s day at school, this is very important so you can understand what they've been doing and will allow you to carry out any further learning at home if required. This will also give your child an opportunity to share their feelings or any worries that they may have.

Written by Holly Poppins

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  1. Christine Bartlett

    Another tip is to make sure your child knows their full name before they start school, sounds simple and obvious, but apparently many children don't know this basic information.

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