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Five ways to take advantage of the online domain

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Although it's all very well to have the latest technology in the form of cutting-edge mobiles and tablets, it's all the more important to know what to do with it. With a staggering amount of apps, opportunities, and services available in the online domain, it can be hard to know where to begin. But here are five areas that have enjoyed great success thanks to the digital revolution. 



One of the most important aspects of being a businesswoman is to have real-time information to help you accurately evaluate business opportunities. 
From simple ways to recruit new staff through the Indeed website, to using the Asana applicationthat helps organise a company's workflow through comprehensive task management software, there are innumerable ways that you can aid your business life. 
And if you're high-flyer in the city, the FT app provides all of the latest financial news, and the popular Stockmarket app features up-to-date market data from all over the world. 


Of course, once you're done with the day's work, it's important to know how to wind down. So whether it's through a streamed new film courtesy of the upcoming Viewster app, or even listening to an exotic radio programme from the other side of the world thanks to the Tune In app, there are now limitless forms of entertainment on your mobile or tablet. 
And if you're looking for something a little more exotic, you can even enjoy the authentic atmosphere of a casino in your own home thanks to Mr Smith Casino. This site takes advantage of the mobile gaming boom to provide a selection of games from slots to live roulette that provide a handy distraction from all of those day-to-day tasks. 

Family life 


The web also offers some reassuringly helpful family-based tips and advice too. If your child should fall ill, then a quick check of the NHS's website reveals a handy resource for helping diagnose and aid your child's affliction. 
And if you're looking to treat your family to some varied and nourishing meals, then the Small Steps Online website features a range of recipes that will keep the whole family satisfied and help you learn a few culinary skills too.  


One of the hardest things about being a working mum can be the simple act of socialising with friends. Whilst most of us will be familiar with social media sites such as Facebook, video chatting with distant friends and family through apps such as ooVoo are not only free and easy to use, but they're a lot of fun too. 



Finally, in order to truly get a refreshing break from working life, then the Skyscanner app can help you find a great flight deal to an exotic locale. And in order to navigate successfully to the airport, just use the CoPilot GPS app to guide you there!

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