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Book Review: Mum Ultrapreneur - 8 Essential Secrets to Starting, Running and Building a Successful Mum-based Business by Susan Odev and Mark Weeks.

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I was lucky enough to be sent a copy of this book by theMum Ultrapreneur herself, in exchange for a review of the book. Now being a busy Mummy of a toddler and working as a nurse and just launching my own company I was not sure how I was going to fit in reading it, let alone reviewing it but it was simple. So did I learn to SPARKLE?

Sure thing!

Part of the learning process of becoming a mumpreneur is

Acquiring passion and determination!

Right?! Absolutely, otherwise in the moments when you question whether it's all worth it, it would be easy to give up.

Keeping that passion and determination is the challenge,

Long after the initial buzz of the idea formulating.

Enough? Never - when you feel that SPARKLE weaning a little this book can be picked up time again to reinforce your desire and wants.

So what does SPARKLE mean? It's an anagram for Simplicity, Passion, Action, Relationships, Knowing, Learning and Enthusiasm all the key elements needed for a successful business.

I have never been big on the 'self help' type books, I find the psychology can be patronizing - but this book is far from a self help book, if you have considered or have started your own business this book truly keeps you focused and allows your own dreams to formulate and gain purpose whilst you read.

Without the Gemma story I don't think I would have been blown away by the concept, but this simple theme throughout is thought provoking and contagious. Yes, I do want to SPARKLE - I can just do it!

A definite read for those mums who are,  like me,  struggling with paying nursery fees so they can go back to work to earn money. That idea that has been niggling at you (for 3 years in my case) can be a reality (well I hope it can!)

An excellent read for any buddy mumpreneur!

Louise Gibbs


Don't forget Susan is coming to Dorset to do the 2nd of our Inspiring Mums Workshops 12th July 2010.





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