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Antonia Chitty Worskshop

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It was Monday 26th April and the first of our Inspiring Workshops. Kicking off our first one was the amazing Antonia Chitty of ACPR and Family Friendly Working.

We had 20 Networking Mummies involved in the workshop and it was great to finally meet some faces who we had been speaking to for ages!

Antonia kicked off the workshop with questions on 'how to promote your business'. She talked about how to plan your promotion using:

  • Aims
  • Objectives
  • USP
  • Promotion Planning

She put the group into pairs and gave them a few minutes to talk to each other about their business and to try and sell why that person should buy from you. Antonia followed on from this with a talk on distincting your USP and using a 'Strapline' as a snappy phrase for your business. She also talked further about 'elevator' pitches and how to put into practise on selling your business to someone new.

Antonia then talked about using 'Objectives for promotion' and breakdown your plans. Another idea was to do a table on how you planned to promote your business each week, allowing time to focus on other sides of your business. Why Plan? To save time, money and effort.

She also talked about the elements of promotion planning and making sure you know who your target audience is. Do you know what your customer earns? Importantly, what magazines and other media publications they read?

Antonia closed the first half of the session by talking about Social Media, this included Blogging, TwitterFacebook and various other avenues. She went into more detail regarding SEO's and keywords and tags.

At 12.45pm we had a break to enjoy the yummy sandwiches, tortilla chips and fruit along with a drink and a chance to network with others. Andrea Pittam of Andrea Pittam Photography was there to take some pictures too!

After lunch, we resumed the last hours session by all sitting in a circle. Antonia talked more about what she does, her background and why she does it. Attendees were welcomed to ask any questions at any time.

It was a great workshop, and I know we all walked away from it feeling inspired and motivated! Thankyou again to Antonia for lending us her time!

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