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Stuck At Bedtime? Here Are Some Tips On How To Get The Kids To Bed!

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bedtimeAs any new or seasoned parent knows, sometimes getting your children to pop off up to bed can be a very difficult thing to do. Arguments, tantrums, suspicious late-night wakefulness; children are adept at trying to get what they want, and if what they want is to stay up for a few more hours, you can be sure that they will kick up a fuss. If you're having this issue with your little ones, don't fret! Here are some tips on how to make bedtime as serene and easy as possible! 

Make The Bedroom Welcoming 

If your child is finding it very hard to get to sleep or simply doesn't want to go to their room at all when bedtime is mentioned, there's a chance that their bedroom could be the culprit. Perhaps the curtains are letting far too much light in to the room and disrupting your child's sleep patterns? Maybe there is an object or image in the room that is causing distress? Perhaps even the bed that your child sleeps on is uncomfortable and sleep-averse? 

With regards to the first two above issues, think about changing the curtains and ask your child what might be making them upset. Finally, think about heading online to a bed retailer such as Bedstar; fun kids' bunk beds, divans - all manner of styles are available, and none will break the bank. 

Keep Consistent 

The vast majority of parenting activities are achieved best when consistency and following-through on words with actions are used by parents. If you keep trying the same routine, whilst punishing your offspring when they act up, you'll send a message to the child about what the status quo actually is, and will establish the exact bedtime and wake-time. 

Transitional Teddies   

By having an object such as a blanket, teddy bear or doll at hand, you can bestow upon your child a sense of comfort and familiarity when they go to bed. Sometimes children will see bedtime as a moment of separation from their parents and family, but a transitional object can make this all the more easy. 

Read A Story! 

You might think it's the oldest trick in the book, but children love being able to sit down and be read a story. It establishes a consistent bedtime timetable, teaches the child essential literacy skills, and will let the child drift off to sleep, far away from sleep-ruining televisions, tablets and phones.  

Do you know any bedtime beating tips or hints that could save parents time? Tell us what they are in the comments section!

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