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Hampshire Jan 2010 Coffee Morning

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Jo Gleeson - Forever Living 

Networking Mummies Hampshire January Coffee morning was a very successful event with our biggest turnout yet.

hants logoOver fifteen ladies joined us to discuss among other things the Parkinson’s fundraiser for Jessamine’s father. It was superb to feel the vibe in the room as an idea for an event was born and the enthusiasm everyone had. Ideas were flowing and the room was filled with excitement.

We plan to have a ‘Family’ day /treasure hunt at http://www.hilliergardens.org.uk/

The event will be advertised at all the schools in the area and charge £5 per family to join.  Jo G and Jess are meeting up in the week to agree planning and the group have offered to pick up tasks to reduce the workload!! 

A special thank you to Debs who let us invade her beautiful home!

Who says together we cant achieve more!!




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