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January 2010 Top Tip

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 The 2 minute Holiday
step by step

My top tip for every busy mum or business woman. is give yourself time off.
top tipYou will be amazed that if you stop for an hour a day and call it time for
you just how much energy you will gain. But also if you are struggling with
figures, profit loss sheets or children's tantrums. You will be blown away
if you take 2 mins with your eyes shut and take 10 deep breaths and allow
yourself to completely relax. Then just allow yourself temporarily to escape
to some where quiet peaceful relaxing etc in your mind. This 2 minute
holiday will give you a fresh perspective. Einstein used such power naps to
solve many of his problems why not try it. ( please ensure children are safe
and you set an alarm in case you dose off lol!! )

Happy cat napping 2 mins every hour is brilliant try it . ...........head
aches will go, the mind is refreshed it can really make a difference what
have you got to lose !!

Sheryl Andrews
Step by Step
Empowering Women to Take Time Off
Bring Harmony to your homes and hearts in 3 Easy steps

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