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What’s so great about the Junior Language Challenge?

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DSC_6073What’s so great about the Junior Language Challenge?

Every year, EuroTalk run the Junior Language Challenge, a national competition for children aged 10 and under around the UK. It’s a lot of fun, it gets kids excited about languages, and it raises money for charity. Oh, and it’s totally something I would have done when I was at primary school, if it had existed back in those dim and distant days…

Here are five reasons why the JLC is so great:

  1. It makes learning another language fun

We all learn best when we’re having fun, so the JLC uses online language games to keep children motivated and interested. Languages are such an important skill, and the younger we get started, the better. The JLC aims to inspire a love of languages at a young age, so children will want to continue learning them at secondary school and beyond.

  1. It doesn’t take up loads of parent or teacher time

GetAttachment.aspxThe JLC uses EuroTalk’s language software, so children can play the language games on any computer, at home or at school. This means it’s a great way to introduce languages in class or keep the kids entertained over the holidays – and it doesn’t need any input from grown-ups except encouragement.

  1. It introduces children to new, exciting languages

Children who reach the final of the JLC will have learnt three languages in total. Last year, these were Italian, Japanese and Somali; this year, they’re starting with Portuguese. The competition always offers unusual languages - because once children know they can learn something like Zulu, suddenly the French or Spanish they’re doing at school won’t seem so daunting.

  1. It raises money for charity

Entering the JLC costs just £5, which gives children access to EuroTalk’s online software for the duration of the competition. The £5 is donated to onebillion, a charity creating apps to teach basic maths, English and reading to children in developing countries.

  1. They can win some great prizes

The JLC finalists will be competing at Language Show Live in London this October for the top prize of a family holiday to Africa. There are also prizes for the runners-up, which in the past have included cameras and iPods, and everyone who makes it through to the semi-finals gets a goodie bag with t-shirts, pens and other treats, as well as discounts on language software for them and their school.

The Junior Language Challenge is open now at eurotalk.com/jlc, and the first round doesn’t close till June, so there’s still loads of time to get involved, either as part of a school group or as an individual. The only rule is that children must be aged 10 or under on 1st September 2015. There’s no minimum age limit.

So why not check out the JLC this year? You never know, your child might be the new champion!

Liz Dyer

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