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We were very lucky to have Emma from Tasty Marketing come and discuss er... Marketing!! We were even luckier to have the lovely Liz from Phoenix Trading  hosting the evening with cards to buy and chocolates to stuff ourselves with!!  

This is an overview of the evening jam packed full of tips!

What is marketing?

  • Full marketing service begins with the creation of the strategy, plan and messages which can then be practically applied through marketing methods.

  • The aim of marketing is to get more from existing customers through cross selling and referrals, plus bringing on board new customers.

Step 1

  • Brain storm

  • Plan ahead

  • Create a strategy and message

  • Split per target audience or sector

  • Research customers and competitors

  • Get your team involved

Women and Marketing

Women have the ultimate consumer power. 80% of consumer healthcare purchases and 80% vehicle purchases.

  • Are you targeting women / attracting women clients?

  • Think about use of colours, images, language and tone.

  • Can you focus on women - networking, style, groups and associations, relationship building, media and magazines, where are they going every day?

  • Successful targeting: Sheila's Wheels, Breast Cancer Care, M&S.

Local Marketing Ideas:


  • Is it newsworthy?

  • Contact local publications, build journalist relationships

  • Write a straight forward press release

  • Take a photo – this can make or break the campaign

  • Hold a press event or launch

Cherish Your Customers

Celebrate with your customers – hold events and parties, workshops and hospitality. Find out what they want – research and questionnaires.

Keep them updated with what you are doing – newsletters by email or hard copy

What is newsworthy?

  • Launches

  • Competitions, awards and celebrations.

  • Statistics and figures

  • Affinities and partnerships

  • Clients and case studies

  • Anniversaries

  • Growth

  • New team members / premises etc, new products etc.

  • Timing, proximity

  • Charity and community

  • Controversy

  • Events and exhibitions

Local Marketing Ideas: Create Special Offers
­Offer something different – can they buy more or come back again? Use the seasons as an excuse and offer loyalty schemes.

Sponsor local events – business. Get involved with the local community, charitable organisations and events. Associations.

To find out more about Tasty Marketing and what they can ofer your business check out their website.



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