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By Sheryl Andrews - www.stepbystepcoaching.co.uk
A huge thank you for a fantastic evening with 5 inspiring mum's, a special thank you for Laura for hosting the event in her home. I really enjoyed the evening that I spent with you all and look forward to meeting you all again soon.
The evening was a presentation based on the Theory " with knowledge comes understanding and when we understand we then have a choice". So often in life we are busy running around reacting to situation and often not liking the way we reacted.
As a Mum & Daughter relationship coach I specilaise in supporting mum's through that diffucult transition as your daughter becomes a women. Yep that teenage bit, fun for everyone NOT!!! In doing this I have produced the Formula 1 Theory a fun and clear explanation of the process we are often in through out our lives with our mum's and our daughters.
With this information we can make huge changes in our lives and work towards a happy fun life that feels like things are in balance.
After the event I had some fantastic feedback, one lady booked herself a cleaner and a regular babysitter so her and her husband could go out monthy. Her words were" wow if that is what I can achieve in one night image what would happen if you spent more time with you"
I would be interested to hear what else has changed for any of the other women since they saw the presentation.
Our first workshop is running on the 24th July 2009"more knowledge" from 6pm to 9pm and is just £50 it builds on the presentation and will extend your knowledge further. for those who want to see the presentation it will be held 5-5.30pm prior to the workshop.
There is an early bird discount of 10% if you book and pay before the 10th June 2009 so BOOK NOW FOR JUST £45.



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