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More succesful networking foe This Little Finger and Ollies Closet

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By Alison Latter from this little finger
alisonSo what were you up to on last Friday? Two of us mums from the Networking Mummies Dorset group were busy working together at Ollie's Closet in Winton. It was not the first time we'd held a session like it, but infact the second. However it showed the power of networking as this session was really successful with a number of customers coming to visit the shop to have their little ones fingerprints taken by this little finger  ... mostly for gifts for some very lucky Dad's! 
I am Alison and I set up this little finger 6 months ago. Keyrings were definitely the gift of the day on Friday for the Dad's with Birthdays coming soon. Some Mums out there are also getting giftsready for Fathers Day already - I was so impressed as its still weeks away! One of the customers was worried they may be too late for having their fingerpint gift ready in time for their husbands birthday which is this week - but I'll always be able to complete your order in time, even if it is only a few days away! Another of the orders is needed quite quickly as its for  a little girl who is being dedicated at Easter - a lovely little charm for her to have on a special bracelet. So this little finger is having a busy week!
Ollie's Closet  is a lovely shop and makes a super venue for holding the sessions as it's so spacious - yes you really can get your buggy round between the rails. And there is a lovely relaxed atmosphere with some great toys and an enormous play table to keep the little ones entertained!. So choosing the perfect gift for someone special was made far easier for the Mums who visited us there. Because the shop is so spacious I was able to display examples of each of the different styles of jewellery and gifts that this little finger can offer.
I should add that it was actually 3 of us mums busy working there together as Andrea Pittam  thephotographer kindly popped in to take these great photos of the session.
The two hour session went by in a flash. Perhaps something to do with the fact that between customers Nicky (Ollie's Closet ), Andrea (Photographer ) and I found plenty to natter about - something that many of you may find hard to believe!

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