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How Networking Works

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Andrea Pittam



After seeing a notice advertising the PR chat at Ollie's Closet, I was very interested to learn more about Networking Mummies.  I had a good look round the website, thought the whole concept was a great idea, and decided that I would go to the meeting.


I’m a professional photographer  specialising in portrait and wedding photography, so for me to enter a room full of strangers is not a daunting prospect as I do it a lot!  However, had I been apprehensive there would have been no need as Joanne of Charlie Moo's   was the perfect hostess, always making sure that no-one was left standing on their own and feeling awkward with an effortless ability to gently guide people together and leave them chatting. 


After the PR talk I started chatting to Nicky of Ollie's Closet. Nicky was looking to create images for her shop’s website and catalogue and it didn’t take us long to discuss the idea of having a photo shoot to produce the images required.  The idea then evolved into Nicky hosting a model competition to find the model for the shoot with me providing the photography!


So starting from 1st May this year, and running over the following two weeks, parents will have the opportunity to enter their child into the model competition.  The photo sessions are free and there is no charge to enter your favourite photo into the competition.  If you would like any of the images produced you will be able to purchase them separately.  You will need to book your photo session through Nicky at Ollie's Closet on 01202 511077. 


Nicky and I are very excited about our joint venture and we hope that it will be a great success.  We’re a prime example of how networking works!

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