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heather2West Howe Retail Estate doesn’t exactly fill you with excitement or anticipation but this was where the Networking Mummies Dorset met last week. ‘Giggles’ soft-play centre is tucked away from the main road and parking is down a gravel track but once inside it’s welcoming, clean and competitively priced with a free coffee and biscuit thrown in.



Online chatting is all very well but you can’t beat meeting up face-to-face.

Huddled in a corner by the under-2s squashy play area, we were all able to put names to faces and meet each other’s children – although my 22-month old daughter decided to forego the usual greetings and pinch everyone’s faces – apologies to all, hope the scars are healing….

This was surely the perfect get-together for like-minded business-mums, it’s great to be able to chat about lack of sleep, vomiting-toddlers and marketing initiatives in one conversation (liberally interrupted by mini-attention-seekers and chocolate biscuits). Everyone has different goals, different clients and talents - Nicky from McClure’s photography  started brainstorming a Family Fun Day, we admired the new website graphics and photographs, and Joanne (Charlie Moo's) and Laura (Rentabuggy)kept popping up with endless ideas for the group!

I left Giggles before my daughter could be dealt an ‘ASBO’, maybe Mummy had talked just a little too much and tiredness was prevailing – it was a quiet drive home to the other side of Bournemouth, time for me to reflect on the new faces I’d met, contacts I’d made and look forward to the next meeting.

So if you haven’t managed to get to one yet, try to do it soon, it’s amazing what a bunch of women can do and how good that can make you feel…...

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