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First Meeting at Adventure Wonderland

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By Laura Morris from Rentabuggy


So Joanne and myself had arranged for the first ever Networking Mummies meeting at Adventure Wonderland. We had both spread the word as much as we could and was unsure how it would turn out.


I arrived there to find Nicky already sat there with her daughter. Next followed Joanne and then a steady trickle of another 5 mummies, so all in all there were 8 of us.


Whilst the kids played, we all introduced ourselves and talked about our businesses over a cup of coffee. Everyone was so enthusiastic about the group and the positive talk shone through as to how we could maybe take this further. It was mentioned that a website would be a predictable way forward and we discussed the opportunity of placing each mum’s adverts on the website.


Everyone had bought some of their own leaflets, and I made a pile of these which ensured everyone had a few of each others to put with orders or to give out to their own clients.


Time flew and before we know it the two hours had passed. Joanne and myself was so pleased with the first turn out and everyone’s input was valuable. Now all we had to do is get a date in the diary and arrange our next one!



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