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Central Birmingham- Business Mum of the month January

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Hi, my name is Zoe and I have a 2 year old son and live with my husband in Halesowen, just outside of Birmingham. I only joined Networking Mummies a few months ago and was amazed that I won the Business Mum of the Month in January 2015!

I joined the Facebook group for the Central Birmingham branch and found a really supportive and enthusiastic group of mummies who run their own businesses. I was delighted to have been able to attend the launch event and meet Emma, Paula, Stacy and Laura as well as all the other great mothers in the area; who I have since met up with, formed strong links around similar businesses and even meet a mum to be who wants to attend a MummyNatal course. I am really pleased to be a part of this great group of women who are genuinely keen to help each other succeed in their business and offer support and experience in a wide variety of areas.

My business, Bumps to Bubbas, is very new to me as I have only been running since June 2014! Bumps to Bubbas provides antenatal services to both expectant couples and mums to be where I deliver the BabyNatal and MummyNatal courses. I do this as a licensed, and FEDANT accredited part of The Natal Family which was founded by Steph and Dean Beaumont 7 years ago. The whole ethos of The Natal Family and what can be found in my BabyNatal and MummyNatal classes is around CHOICE. Expectant parents have a huge number of choices which are available to them around both the birth of their baby and how they care for baby. The classes are informative and interactive but what differentiates my classes from other antenatal providers is that they are all unbiased, non-judgemental and inclusive of dad and / or birth partner. I don’t teach mums to be or expectant parents one method to follow, or share what I did with my son, but allow them to explore all the options open to them and work out what will suit them, their baby and their family best.

I was keen to become part of The Natal Family and bring BabyNatal and MummyNatal to my areas of South West Birmingham as not only am I passionate about pregnancy, babies and working with people, but I can use my skills as a qualified teacher and trainer to provide antenatal classes in this unbiased and non prescriptive way. The BabyNatal and MummyNatal courses met with my views as to what information I would like to share with families as I felt that my husband and didn’t consider or even know about so many areas of birth or practical baby care. 7 months ago I had little idea that I could talk about the wide variety of nappy options for the best part of 30 minutes! Since doing the classes it has allowed me to reflect more on my experiences when I was pregnant with my son and once he was born. I thought that once we had made a decision that we had to stick with it, it didn’t even occur to me that we could make an alternative decision later on! I now love to be able to share all the choices with expectant families and highlight this, without being biased or promoting one way or the ‘right way’ as everyone, baby and family is individual.

Deciding to and starting up my own business hasn’t been easy especially as I am still having to work part time as a supply teacher until I am able to build my business up to be able to be an antenatal educator full time. However, despite having little interest in the BabyNatal classes after training in June 2014, I decided not to give up and that I was going to train to become a MummyNatal teacher as well, to expand my portfolio and trained in November and December 2014. I have been lucky that MummyNatal has had a much larger impact in my area than BabyNatal and I am really looking forward to carrying on the success that I have achieved since starting my first course in January 2015 where I had 10 mums to be sign up to my first term of MummyNatal! From the success of MummyNatal this has generated interest in BabyNatal classes and I am now well on my way to be delivering more of this course as well as the MummyNatal terms. From the summer I will be adding Developmental Baby Massage to my portfolio where I hope to continue to work with the families I have met so far as well as new families and their babies.

Thank you again Networking Mummies for helping me to promote and expand my business further and for this award which I am very proud of! I am looking forward to other events and ventures to meet and work with mummies in the Central Birmingham branch. 

MummyNatal & BabyNatal antenatal teacher


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