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Lichfield and Tamworth Business Mum of the Month - YUMMI MUMMI FITNESS

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I’ve always been into fitness and knew I would like to work in the industry in some form but I found my real passion when I had my first child.  

We had help from Grandparents babysitting but I loved going on buggy walks with him and could see myself doing something similar as I loved the idea of exercising with my baby. Although I loved it and am a keen exerciser I didn’t really fancy the thought of taking my son out in the rain and snow! So I thought it would be fine for the summer but numbers would probably drop off in the winter months. So I got my thinking cap on and thought the same type of thing could be done but indoors! 

I researched which qualifications I would need and started on a Personal Training qualification. Then, whilst pregnant with my daughter, I completed and passed my Pre and Post Natal qualification. It was hard work as I was working in another job, we were renovating a house and like I say, I was heavily pregnant with my second child! I don’t do things by halves I can tell you and I never have a quiet life but that’s good as it keeps me busy which I love! 

Once I had my daughter my husband kept encouraging me{some may say nagging but not me ;)} to start my classes up. I think I was worried that I wouldn’t be very good at it as public speaking’s not my strong point and I was worried that nobody would turn up and I would fail. How wrong was I! I love instructing my classes and the response has been amazing! 

I started the first Yummi Mummi class up on 7th March 2014 at Banners Gate Community Hall in Streetly so it is one year old very soon! I now have 4 classes running in Sutton Coldfield, Lichfield and Tamworth and all are thriving. I’m working on another and hope to fit as many in as I can around my family. I took voluntary redundancy from my permanent job in November 2014 to do this and at first I will admit I cried a lot as I wasn’t sure I had done the right thing for my family because I had never been without a stable and regular income. But now it has worked out really well and it has shown me to have more faith in my abilities and confidence in myself.  

The class is a circuit based fitness class for Mums and they can attend from when they have had their postnatal check and got the all clear all the way up to when baby is a pre walker. The babies play in the middle while the Mums work out around the outside. It works really well and babies generally get mesmerised by the Mums jumping around! They have toys to play with too to keep them stimulated. I cater for all abilities in the workout and I try and vary it from week to week. I have teamed up with several Childrens Centres too and I offer a Well Moms Clinic on their behalf where I offer basic nutritional advice and an optional weigh in. 

I definitely wouldn’t have done this if it wasn’t for my husband pushing me and supporting me but I would say now if you have an idea then run with it….you never know where it is going to lead! I now have a brilliant work/life/family balance and I love what I do! Its lovely meeting all the Mums and babies. It makes me feel proud when they work hard and see improvements in fitness levels as well as change in weight and body shape. The groups are so friendly so it’s lovely when they strike up friendships with other Mums. 

From Vicki

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