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Kokoso Baby Review

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Baby George was born 3 weeks ago and although he's in perfect health with great skin he does have flakey skin on his feet so when we was asked to review this product we was happy to do so. 

I'm sure like many parents out there I worry about what I use on the children's skin, you hear so many horror stories about petroleum, perfume and parabens that I only use natural products that don't contain these and Kokoso doesn't contain these either just 100% natural coconut oil. In fact what I love about this is that its been created by a mum (Lauren Taylor is a mum of two) for mums. You can find out more about Lauren at www.kokoso.co.uk 

Although never trying a coconut oil before I know there is several on the market so what makes this any different? Well the packaging tells me it's a high quality virgin oil produced from Thai Coconuts grown on traditional, chemical free farms and the oil is made by cold processed extraction techniques so nothing nasty gets in.

I like the sound of this product before even opening it and trying it on Georges skin. 

Before rubbing it into George's feet I wanted to try it on my own skin just to be sure. As soon as you open the tub (which is nicely designed) you can smell the coconut, it's not over powering like some perfumed creams just a nice natural smell. As it was an oil I was worried it would be greasy on my skin but it rubbed in lovely and still smelled nice once on my skin. I happily tried it on George's feet, giving him a nice foot massage as I did it, and I can see after a couple of applications it has helped the flaky skin on his feet and I would recommend this to other mums and their children, I'm sure if George could give us his opinion he'd give it the thumbs up to.

Priced at £7.99 for 181 grams it's great value for money, I can see from how little I've used that it will last ages too!

Enjoy Stacey x


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