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I make and sell bespoke handmade children's clothes for the under 5's. I use quirky designer fabrics. My new website will be different to others as it offers customers the opportunity to 'build their own'. They can select their own fabric, garment, style and size. I then make up the item and send it out to the customer. I am also offering people the chance to buy the fabric by the metre as well.

I have been in touch with a brand new designer/producer in Spain who are looking to distribute in the UK. An exciting opportunity for Tilly Moo Designs!

I currently work full time as a teacher. The last couple of years have been very traumatic both at work and at home which led to me being off on long term sick. It made me realise that my work had completely taken over my life and I was no longer enjoying it. I don't have the luxury of being able to walk away and work on Tilly Moo Designs full time at the moment but this is my passion and the thing that drives me. I am striving for a better work/life balance in order to do the things every mum wants to do - take their child to and from school, attend open afternoons and sports days, have my daughters friends round for tea after school. All the little things that mean so much to a family.

Anyway,  that's enough rambling from me. I hope it's given you an idea of why I think my business should be shouted about and if not it will make good bedtime reading! Lol!

I am in an exciting place right now with new contacts, a new blog and a new website under construction! :-D www.tillymoodesigns.co.uk

Please get in touch if you'd like to know more.

Rebecca Vowles
(Tilly Moo Designs)

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