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aliciaOver the Easter holidays we've had lots of fun in the park with our new toy! The Vtriker Elite, a 3 wheel scooter from UKayed. When it first arrived I was impressed, it was bigger than I thought it would be and well packaged to avoid any damage. I have a team of 3 little monkeys helping me review this item, Alicia (8), Mackenzie (6) and Billy (4). From the moment it arrived and they saw what it was, they have been itching to play on it. The scooter itself is aged 6 plus so I was pretty sure the youngest (and most adventurous) monkey was going to be disappointed but I knew this already. 

My husband found it easy to put it together (just the handlebars to fix into place) and did so in no time at all. We were both impressed by the quality of the scooter and the size/weight of it. Its solid construction and unique motion makes the Vtriker Elite ideal for 7 to 14 year olds to zoom round the park and race their mates. Watch out though – it’s great fun for all ages and offers a full body workout, so parents may not resist a sneaky turn!

With the weather being kind to us we all headed to the park with Alicia taking charge of the Vtriker Elite. She whizzed off down the road and quickly got the hang of it. Soon she was weaving and turning and having so much fun I had to remind her she was on a footpath! The other 2 monkeys ran along excitedly waiting for their turn. Half way to the park someone stopped me to ask about the scooter asking where they could get one and price etc. as their own child would love one, this is clearly going to be a must have toy for the summer!micks

We got to the park and I explained to Billy that he might be a bit small for this toy but as determined as ever he wanted a go and jumped on, it was a bit big for him as expected but he did have a go and with some practise will get the hang of it quite quickly I'd imagine. Mackenzie who isn't as daring as the other two was next to jump on and try it out. She was giggling and laughing (especially when I got on it to show her how to move her feet/legs). Soon she was also scooting round the park shouting "Look at me" There’s no pushing or touching the floor! Simply place one foot on each side, then the unique V-shape design enables you to move your legs in and out while stationary on the platform. Now you’re off, resulting in a thrilling pedal and battery free ride.

Alicia being 8 years old definitely got the most from it. She was very confident on it and it gave her something to do whilst the younger ones played on the equipment in the park. She got so confident she even started to use the ramps and tried to do tricks!

I asked the 3 monkeys what they thought of the scooter and each gave a positive response.

Alicia- Said it was fantastic, she loved the fact it wasn't a light scoot along scooter and said this was a real grown up one that she could learn to do new tricks on and will use it to keep fit and healthy.

vtrikergroupMackenzie- Said she liked it, she was a bit more worried about falling off to start with but said she soon realised she could do it and liked the idea of practising her new skills throughout the summer!

Billy- Said that although it was a bit big for him it was fun and couldn't wait till he was a big boy (when he's 5 in July) when it would be easier for him and by then the girls can teach him all their tricks.

I was a bit worried we'd get to the park and they'd decide they didn't want to play on it, like they normally do on normal scooters but that was definitely not the case with this. It kept them active and entertained for well over an hour and a half before we headed home.

With four great colours to choose from – black, blue, green, pink – and a modern design, they are well priced and great value £69.99 RRP you can order yours HERE.

We would definately recommend this for anyone with children 7 years or over.





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