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HP Easter event and activities

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1743195_10203276590093582_825849568_nYou might remember me blogging at Christmas about the magical weekend we had thanks to HP, well since Christmas we’ve done a couple of blogging activities for them including making Valentine’s Day cards. Last Sunday we were invited to the V and A Museum of Childhood for another action packed day with them. The children we’re very excited to know we’d be going back to London to do more activities with HP as the Christmas trip really has stuck in their head.

We got the train from Leamington to London on the Sunday morning and arrived in plenty of time to get to the venue without rushing even with the underground being very busy as the London Marathon was taking place that day.10261825_10203277016504242_1482869830_n

We was greeted at the entrance of the museum by Emma who knew who I was before I’d even introduced myself, brilliant considering we’d only spoke on email. She showed us to a room downstairs and got us our name badges sorted. The children were so impressed that they got name badges and they also had mummy’s company name on too, it really made them feel part of what I do!

As it was lunch time we was told to go and eat first before the activities started. It really was great, I laughed at the amount of cakes, chocolates and E-numbers that must have been present on the table as well as the fruit and sandwiches on offer. The children’s eyes lit up. It reminded me of a mad hatter’s tea party, there really was something for everyone, children and grownups alike.

10264665_10203277138707297_362049722_nAfter lunch we were put into groups and shown to the first of our activity tables. There was 6 activities altogether and the children were now even more excited! There was a great mix of activities available throughout the day with traditional Easter crafts meeting digital Easter craft activities.

The first activity was to cut out and create Easter bunny ears and masks and even daddy Calder could be seen getting artistic, helping Billy whilst mummy helped Mackenzie and niece Alicia. Once the masks were in place each child made an Easter basket and was told they’d need it throughout the day so special treats, so the excitement just built and built.10255685_10203277147347513_2026481476_n

The 2nd activity was a digital one, the children got to use the HP Rove to create paintings (they looked like they were painting on canvas) and then to create photocubes with their photo’s on to take home. Billy was definitely in his element here and although being the youngest in our party he knew exactly what to do (probably more so than me and the hubby).

The 3rd table was a nice calm table full of printables AVAILABLE HERE. There was lots of Easter printing ideas including colour by number pictures and angry bird sheets. The children love colouring so spent time doing several of the sheets and reminding me which ones they wanted me to print when home! Each time they completed a task they were given a small chocolate egg for their Easter basket. The children were thrilled.

10178412_10203277327912027_369690838_nThe 4th table we visited we wasn’t at for long as Jack (who obviously impressed the children at Christmas because they remembered him) handed them a HP Slate each and told them he’d hidden some cut out eggs inside and outside for them to find. Once they found each egg they had to prove it to him by taking a photo on the tablet. I think that egg hunt was done in record time as they were so excited and filled with chocolate. We found all the eggs and Jack checked the pictures then rewarded them with a chocolate chick for each egg they found, the Easter baskets were now full to the top and the children were bouncing around dying to eat the lot!10250954_10203277435274711_249601680_n

The 5th area was provided by Snapfish who provided the children with bunny outfits to dress up in and have their picture taken. Alicia happily dressed up but the other 2 were slightly reluctant until we said we’d all have our picture taken,  a lovely family picture was taken of us all.

Next to this area was a table where a woman from Snapfish asked us if we’d provided some family photo’s before the event as we’d been asked. We had so she showed us the table full of items and we soon found the children’s faces smiling at us, a really lovely surprise of an Easter card and a large acrylic photo of the children. We were also given a £40 voucher to use on the site and instructions on how to use it. It really was a lovely thought and allowed us to go away and look at the products they offer and sample them. The photobooks on display look amazing.

blhw9wkieaaa7x0.jpg largeThe last challenge was actually one to take away with us. It was a big Easter basket full of Easter goodies - craft items, printer accessories, challenges and chocolate and candy rewards. We were told they’d be some challenges for the children to complete over the Easter holidays and the chance for them to win a prize if they completed them and took pictures of the finished items for HP to judge.

HP really do go out of their way on these family blogger days. We’ve had some wonderful experiences with them, not just at the event itself, but the aftercare and activities they provide gives the children (and us) a chance to look and do things we might not normally think of doing.

The challenges for Easter were to create recipe cards with favourite Easter recipes on, we had nest cakes, Easter biscuits and chocolate10264738_10203321642659868_506431640_n fondue on ours. We also completed a big bunny maze they provided, made Easter cards for loved ones and used the printables page to print colouring in sheets and activities to do. We also had a hopping challenge to see who could hop the highest and it was filmed and turned into a Live photo card. You can see from the pictures how much fun they had. I actually commented to Jamie, my husband this was such a brilliant Easter day, more organised and fun-filled and that was thanks to HP, normally it involves lots of chocolate, lots of running around and lots of stress. But thanks to HP I’d printed everything the night before, sorted different activities for each child and wasn’t stressed at all, and the children were really happy they got to do an Easter egg hunt to.

Thanks again HP,

Stacey and family x

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