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Rachel Willmott- Winner Best Networker #NMAwards2014

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DSC_0128Rachel Willmott is an active member of our Coventry Networking Mummies group but can often be found participating and showing support in other local Networking Mummy groups and other business networking meetings, which is why she was such a great candidate for this award.

Rachel has run RHVA Virtual Assistant since September 2013 and is very active on social media FACEBOOK and @rachelrhva on TWITTER, understanding the importance of networking and building relationships both through face to face networking and online. It's not hard to see how she was nominated as 'Best Networker' It is the first award she has been nominated for and made even more special as she was nominated by a client of hers. Rachel didn't contact the press regarding her nomination but was actively tweeting using the #NMAwards2014 hash tag along with updating LinkedIn & Facebook with relevant news on the awards which gained her additional exposure.

We asked Rachel what 3 key points of her story did she think get her through to the finals. Rachel said they were: DSC_0130

  • 1 – That I was nominated by a client LTS Distribution.
  • 2 – That I secured them a £50k contract via referral before they were my customer along with details on funding available for their growing business.
  • 3 – Other business associates that know me, know that I will always look to refer within networks where possible along with offering advice (if suitable).

She was so excited to even get nominated and that excitement grew when she made the finals, describing it as a "fantastic feeling" & as for winning I can tell you how much she was shaking!

"When you work for yourself it can be lonely & even though you generally think you are doing a good job & helping people, to receive recognition from other people that they believe in you too is a great feeling & increases your self-confidence. Of course the publicity & being able to tell your clients & potential clients that you have won also helps to raise their awareness & confidence in your business" Said Rachel.

DSC_0131So how did Rachel find the awards themselves and what did she enjoy most? She told us the night was good fun, very well organised & emotional for the winners & the organisers. "For me I enjoyed collecting my award the most, but it was also great to meet new people & catch up with others on a more social scale" 

What did you gain most from this experience? I asked Rachel "Personally an increase in self-belief & a sense of achievement. The encouragement & support from networking mummies (Stacey & Laura) along with other members of the group was fantastic"

 Rachel's plans for the future are to continue to grow her business via networking & utilising the skills of businesses she knows to help her achieve that growth, "after all you can’t do everything yourself!"

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