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The importance of a comfortable bed

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insomniaAs any working mother will know, juggling a full time career and a family is no easy task. While there are parents’ evenings, household chores and meetings with the boss to worry about, not to mention keeping your finances in order, this can all add up to many a sleepless night.

With all this to consider, a bad bed should be the least of your worries. While statistically we spend a third of our lives asleep, it is not only the quantity but also the quality of our sleep that is important. The health benefits of sleep are countless, especially for working mums – sleeping improves our judgement, our concentration, and also gives our body the time to do any essential repairs overnight, giving you the chance to shine in those all important one to ones with the boss. So how can you guarantee a good night’s rest? A good bed is a good place to start.

 Talk it over

If you’re shopping around for a good bed and are lucky enough to have somebody to share it with, make sure you both discuss your wants and needs in a bed. Think of style versus practicality – it’s all very well him wanting a race car bed but if it’s going to take up half the bedroom which already has a cot in it, you may have to look elsewhere. Similarly, take each other’s health into consideration – do the two of you have back problems? If so, you may want to consider orthopaedic or memory foam mattresses to take the pressure off and guarantee a better forty winks.

Remember the kids

Once you or indeed you and your partner have sorted your bed, it’s important not to neglect the needs of the kids. As the little ones get older, you may want to think about moving them into their own spaces, and you might want to furnish your kids’ room with beds to suit their own personality or gender. Again, don’t skimp on the need for a comfortable mattress – a better night’s sleep for your child is one way of guaranteeing a better night’s sleep for you – so talk it over with your furniture salesman or consider purchasing mattress toppers to really encourage your little one to go to bed.

With today’s working world moving faster and faster, it’s so important to know when we can put our feet up and slow down, so make sure you and your family are well looked after in the sleep department with a comfortable bed.

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