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Cord charity wins at the NMAwards2014!

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photo 1The night was all about the celebration and achievements of parents in business and we were lucky enough to be the nominated charity for the evening. Not only did we watch a steady stream of inspirational mums (and a dad!) collect their awards, but as Cord, we were able to show off our achievements and raise awareness.

Networking Mummies worked with us to give us a platform in which to speak, so we invited our local MP and Cord patron, Chris White to come along to the event. He spoke passionately about the work of Cord and has been an avid supporter for years. He told the room about his extraordinary trip to Chad in 2009 which he described as possibly one of the most challenging places he’d ever visited.

Championing women

We ran a short film about our Solar Cooker Program as a sense of quiet enveloped the room and captured the imagination of everyone there. It was a poignant film to show as our Solar Cooker Program primarily helps woman in refugee camps. By reducing the need to look for firewood they don’t need to leave camp and be in danger of attack or rape. They’re also more likely to attend school as well.

Chris White reiterated the need to look after women in these circumstances, “Women suffer disproportionately in war as existing inequalities are magnified, and social photo 6communications break down, making them more vulnerable to sexual violence and exploitation. Cord’s work protects women from violence, gives them the tools to earn a living and feed their families, educates children and adults and provides a brighter future for people across the globe.”

Money raised could pay for 8 Solar Cookers

Not only were all the finalists, their supporters and organisers very attentive, they were all very generous too. Cord raised £341.08 that night which could provide 8 more solar cookers and provide 8 more women in camp to stay a little safer and get extra schooling.

As parents, the safety and education of our children is paramount and we thank you all for your generosity.

Written by Becky Wordsmith

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