The Family Network LEAMINGTON

The Family Network Leamington) run by Sophie Tutor!  

   Hello! And welcome to the Leamington and Warwick Branch of The Family Network. I'm Sophie and since the end of 2018, I've looked after the running of the branch here - making sure everyone has plenty of opportunities to attend free coffee mornings and networking events!I'm a friendly, enthusiastic and super smiley individual who loves a good natter! So, when I was approached about running the branch, it seemed a no-brainer. I love a good flat white as well as fresh air, exercise and hanging out with friends and family. Alongside The Family Network, I work privately as a maths tutor, as a consultant for an educational charity and most recently launched Tutor In A Box. (Busy, Busy, Busy!)Anyway, enough about me - if you live in Leamington or Warwick (or are there regularly) then do come along to one of our events or join the online group - I promise we're a very friendly bunch!

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