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 Hi, I'm Sophie, I am a little bit like Mr Ben, for those of you not old enough to know who he is, he is a 1970’s cartoon character who goes into a fancy dress shop at lunch every day, escaping his normal life, to try on different outfits, once the outfits are on he has a magical adventure as that costume character! Ok so how does this link to me?……. Well I have held so many positions within the workplaces that I often find myself saying “oh yes I did that when I was……”, not wishing to imply that I have done every job of course, that exists but perhaps most of the everyday ones!. I am 40 ish, busy Mum to two teens and one husband. My eldest is 17, at 6th form studying for A levels! She is top of her class and hopes to get A’s!! My youngest is 14 and at a special needs school for boys with High Functioning Autism, he is just about to choose his GCSE’s and as a very talented young man we are expecting great things!. We are super proud of them both but my husband and I think the we may have picked up the wrong children from the hospital as we have no idea where they get their brains and talent from! My Husband of nearly 20 years is a highly skilled Cabinet Maker and Joiner, he runs the workshop and design sides to Cottonwood Interiors. Our Family run Cotswold based business that makes exceptional furniture. Tailored to our clients exact requirements, both quality and budgets. Kitchens, Bedrooms, Offices and so on. Where do I fit in? I am the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Cottonwood Interiors, J & S Cabinets Limited, with a demonstrated history of working in the interiors industry. Skilled in Management, Customer Service, Business Development, Sales, Strategic Planning, and Marketing Strategy alongside a high level of Design Knowledge, Skill and Experience. I am the owner of Meraki - Coaching Success With this hat on I help people to better their life opportunities, wealth and health. I show them how they can grow and develop their own business, using networking skills, working within the health and wellness markets, using amazing products and mentoring them in this amazing business opportunity to which ever height they wish for, with an uncapped earnings potential. Owner of Networking Mummies Costwolds - Family friendly, business to business networking group. All welcome - you don't have to be a Mum!! Helping people to connect, without discrimination or preconceived ideas or perceptions. Embracing the individuality of each person and business that gets involved. Building bigger, brighter futures together!! Together is always better!!  

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