Welcome to The Family Network Wyre Forest and Bromsgrove ran by Branch Leader.

Hi there everyone,, My name is Sharon EvansI am first & foremost a mum to Jake, who’s now 13 years old, and I am also a Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor.

I left school in 1984 on a Thursday in July, and by the following Friday I was living in Spain on the Costa Blanca teaching Ballet!!! I’d been doing ballet since the age of 3 but two knee operations in my early teens prevented my from going professional,, so I qualified as a dance teacher and grabbed the opportunity to teach in Spain immediately,,,!!!In the late 80’s I qualified as an Aerobics Instructor in Madrid and moved to Palma de Mallorca shortly after.

 When I eventually returned to the UK I had to re-qualify in all the forms of fitness as my Spanish qualifications in those days weren’t internationally recognised. And since then I have been Health & Leisure Club Manager, NVQ Assessor and later on a NVQ Internal Verifier,, whilst always teaching my own classes along side. 

Jake was born in 2004, his father and I separated 4 weeks later but Jake has always maintained regular contact with his father.

In order to bring up my son on my own, and to earn, I went self employed, converted my garage into a studio and started teaching my Personal Training clients from home,, where I could teach and have the baby monitor on at the same time!!! 

Fast forward 13 years,,,,,I’m going to be 50 in March, Jake isn’t as dependable on me nowadays and I want to be mentally stimulated again!!!! But my work/life balance is immensley important to me (and I still want to be my own boss!!!)So when I heard about Networking Mummies I just thought that it was too good an opportunity to miss,, it would stimulate me, push my boundaries, hopefully increase my clientele base, and have an option to increase my revenue both directly and indirectly (although money isn’t my driving force), I need to be challenged, to have new goals and to achieve ‘something’, so here I am, doing it!!!!

2018 is going to be an immensely exciting and prosperous year, and already, I have gained and learnt so much!!!!!

I look forward to eventually meeting and supporting you all xxx