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Branding with Canva

Branding with Canva


Create eye-catching images for your newsfeed

Quantity:  at  £25.00  each

5 in stock.

Starts:  6th August 2018 – 10th August


Location: Facebook Group

Delivery: Daily Lesson delivered in a Facebook no more than 30 minutes per day 

Support given through out the week 


Who is this aimed at?

This is for you if you want to:

  • create eye-catching images for your newsfeed

  • learn how to create a simple brand to make you stand out

  • design banners for you Facebook Page

  • Create quote posts and question posts

  • Create any size image for all your social media platforms

  • Make leaflets and event templates to make your offers and events stand out.

  • You no longer want to have pic collage over all your images and you want them branded to you instead, 

  • you want content which stands out


Do I need any software?

No canva is a free design tool which you can access on your laptop you don’t need to download anything


Do I need any design skills?

No canva has easy to use layouts which you can adapt your style