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GDPR Week Let’s get ready for the 25th May

GDPR Week Let’s get ready for the 25th May


Join me for a Week of accountability and daily activities to get GDPR ready. If you have left GDPR and you know you need to get it done, then this is for you.

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How it works:

We will work together in Facebook Group and be accountable to get everything set up and done in time for the GDPR deadline.

I will be sharing a webinar from Leanne (GDPR expert) who delivered this webinar for the group earlier this year plus daily activities and resources from the ICO website

We will also work through the GDPR checklist together to get your GDPR folder set up.

I will also be running a Mailchimp webinar to help you sort out your Mailchimp email marketing to make sure that is compliant.

If you are struggling to fine the motivation, then sign up and commit to a week of action.

GDPR isn’t scary but as a business we all need to take action and ne ware of it and have systems in place for it to protect data and use data in the right way.