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Feature Member

Feature Member


Host a mini masterclass for the group on anything relevant to building your business, mindset, relaxation, goal setting etc.

Quantity:  at  £10.00  each

17 in stock.

You will receive the following:


An event setting up and all members will be invited . People can register and attend live or receive the recording

An image set up for the post

Two promotional posts by me in the week leading up to the event and 2 promotional posts from you

Zoom hosting my Zoom account and a link set up for you.

If you want to practice webinars and get more visible then a done for you webinar can help you achieve that.


Terms and Conditions:

Please let me know asap if you can’t attend for any reason

The webinars should be no longer than an hour and allow time for Q&A

The webinar should aim to to give tons of value. Tell them at the beginning what you will cover and how much value you will give and that you will tell them about your services at the end and share links with them

Don’t be use this as a sales pitch it should be at least 75% content let them see that you give valuable information away for free.


I only take 4 people a month on as feature members so if you are interested please message me through the group first to let me know what you will cover or if you have any questions.