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Think less, achieve more, be the best you!


Tuesday 12th June 2018 10am-midday

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The unconscious is more powerful than you think. We'll be looking at how the unconscious works to keep us safe by creating an illusion that things are harder, more scary or stressful than they really are.
Karen Magid will show you how to recognise when this illusion is playing out in your life, so that you can play bigger and more successfully with joy rather than fear, and share with you an understanding that has transformed her experience of life and that of her clients.
You will come away understanding the key to engaging and keeping clients/customers and Karen will share the biggest secret of highly successful people that she has learned from 10 years as a coach and therapist.
We shall include a live coaching session which will benefit everyone. It's going to be a fun and inspiring event - you will come away more in touch with your innate brilliance and ability to own your life.