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Dorset LogoWe have been meeting now since October for monthly Brainstorming chats …. its a great way to meet new people, catch up with others and more importantly help each other out with any issues they may have. This way is really beneficial to everyone. We all have different approaches and skill sets to bring to the table and I've never been to a session where everyone doesn't leave with something.

January we had 6 people along 2 of whom were new to Networking Mummies, one new to Brainstorming. Darren Toms (www.darrentoms.com) and Heather Martyn (www.sugarmango.com) are regular attendees of the brainstorming sessions their knowledge and contribution is always gratefully received, and Heather always makes great notes ;)  Kirsty Bowerbank- Steele (www.workitbaby.co.uk) had come armed with her dilemma, Ces Loftus (www.creativelyminded.co.uk) who recently has moved down to Dorset and been my twitter buddy for a while now (@Ces_Creatively) she also designed the magnificent flyer for the Recruitment Fair. Helen Murray who successfully has been running Raring 2 Go Magazine in Salisbury has now set up the Bournemouth edition (www.raring2go.co.uk/bournemouth) both excited to meet new people. Oh and how could I forget Charlie Moo my delightful 3 year old joined us to … his contribution is debatable.

So enough of me .. here are the notes.

We welcomed Ces and Helen today both very inspirational women and both overcoming huge adversities in life.  Speed networking was explained to both new ladies. 

Dilemma – Kirsty (www.workitbaby.co.uk) has found a website based in Yorkshire using the same name as her and offering similar classes to her.  She is worried how this will effect her business and website.

Kirsty would like to get her branding sorted as she is not pre natal or post natal classes.  It is for mums who still have tummies. 

Website - SEO needs to be refined.  Goggle which key words you think should be used, then check out your competitors site.

Write blogs etc. and republish as google likes this and keeps you at the top..

Consider trademarking the name - shall we find a lawyer who is a trademark specialist to advise those of us who need to trademark.  Someone who will help fill out forms.  - Nicky Kay - Fit Kids Joanne to call

Create Forums - ask on there on how to manage this.

Register with Companies house.

Franchises in the future - trademark your name for certain fitness classes

Break down the class detail when explaining to people.

The experts academy  - Brendan Buchard expert branding - Darren to advise

consider creating niche markets - i.e. ladies who have delivered by caesarian/ or have needed re constructive surgery

Re - shoot your promo video but asking people to read from a script so that your message is 'your message'

Consider changing the word 'reviews' to Testimonials - ensure that they are grammatically correct.  What is the average age and demographic of your clients.  Use language within your testimonials according to that.    No point using slang/text speak to people in their 30's and older. 

You are offering a life style service which needs to be dynamic and your enthusiasm need to be oozing from your website.  So attention to detail on your website is paramount, this most often will be your first impression.  As we all know first impressions are the most important.

Buy your industries magazines and find out emails of the journalists and editors accordingly.  Create your own database. Joanne has a great article on her blog.

As Darren always says become a leading expert in your field.

Hope this helps everyone, thanks again for all your input as always and see you all next month.

Thanks Heather for the great notes ;) So does this sound like your Thursday morning treat?? Then make sure you pop along to the next one!  

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