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7 things you didn’t know about Early Years Training Network

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7 things you didn’t know about Early Years Training Network 

18664272_1905152829707604_1796923756408371470_nSo, writing a blog sounds so easy, but I have found that its actually quite hard! Early Years Training Network is very close to my heart and I almost feel like I am sharing my personal journal with the audience, bearing my soul. I am however, going to take a deep breath and do it anyway……. 

Early Years Training Network is run solely by me….Stacy Mann. I am a consultant and trainer for all things Early Years and the company was started so that I could also do all things Early Years with my two cherubs too. I began working in the Early Years Sector when I was 16 and soon came to realise that my first dream of being a teacher was going to be a long journey and to be honest, I definitely took the long route to get here. I do not regret one step of the journey though, because dropping out of Uni meant that along the way I gained invaluable experience of working in settings, of managing teams and working towards goals. I strongly believe that the universe has a plan and I have patiently sat back allowing that to unfold. So here I am, with my own business after gaining so much knowledge along the way too. 

I could talk all day about my passion for improving standards in Early Years and developing staff teams to reach their full potential but instead, I thought I’d compile a list of things you may not know about Early Years Training Network. 

1. The Training is bespoke. I write training courses to best suit the team I am working with, so if I have a group of childminders, a children’s centre, volunteers, parents or teachers, the training is tailor made to ensure they get the best they can out of it. This helps for them to deeply reflect and move forward in their practice. 

2. I am the Head Trainer too. As I said I run the whole business myself. Currently I do all the training and consultancy visits too, this is so that I can be consistent and because I am so passionate, I need to know that this comes through in the training. The plans for this business mean that this may change but the recruitment process will be intense as shared vision is key for me. 

3. My specialist subject is Promoting Positive Behaviour. I love dissecting a puzzle when it comes to behaviour. There is always a reason for behaviour and I aim to find it. This has seen me observing children and giving ideas on how to move forward. I am also training to be a relax kids coach as this will heavily compliment this part of my work. 

4. My groups vary in size. I have delivered training on a one to one basis and with groups up to 80. 

5. My babies benefit from what I do. Its true! I do a day of training discussing how important personal, social and emotional development is, attachment, quality interactions etc and I come home a try my best to practice what I preach. They also love doing relax kids stuff and learning how to self-regulate. 

6. I am working towards Advanced Teacher Status. My continuous professional development doesn’t stop either. I always plan in conferences and training throughout the year to keep me topped up to be the best for my delegates. I am half way through my Advanced Teacher Status which will give me recognition of being an expert teacher in my field. 

7. I LOVE MY JOB. Other than being a mommy and a wife, which I would choose over anything, I love working and inspiring best practice when working with children. Every group is different, every course develops new things, every moment means I am making a difference to a child’s life. I stepped into the Early Years Sector to make a difference, I did this at first as a keyworker 

to a few children and now I do this on a larger scale…influencing those keyworkers to make a difference too. 

My mantra for my work and for my company is ‘I am the star in my own movie, I am also the writer and director. I create wonderful roles for myself in my work environment’ Louise Hays. Yes I do! Early Years Training Network will continue to grow and there are so many plans for the future…..always with the child at the centre.

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