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  1. work-from-homeMany of our franchisees opt for starting a franchise because they want to leave the corporate world behind and build a business for themselves. They’re tired of commuting, working long hours and not having time spare for the activities they enjoy. Owning a franchise eliminates all of these elements and, an Auditel franchise allows franchisees to build a business from home. 

    For anyone looking to leave employment behind and build a business for themselves, running a franchise from home could be the solution and offer a welcome change away from long years of commuting and not having a desired lifestyle. Starting a franchise from home is an option that many take because it lowers the initial business start-up costs. With no need for staff or office premises, working from home can help you to increase profitability quickly. 

    Here are just a few benefits of working from home: 

    1. No commute 

    The average daily commute for a UK employee is 75 minutes. That’s nearly an extra working week per month! Many franchisees choose to open an Auditel franchise because it can be run from home. Cutting this time out is one of the biggest benefits of working from home. You can then use this time to focus on the activities you enjoy and having a much better lifestyle. 

    “MY main reason for joining Auditel was that I didn’t want to commute anymore! When I started the franchise, my three children were very young and I wanted to be around more for them. I wanted to be in charge of my own destiny!” Chris Bourke, Auditel franchisee. 

    1. Flexible working hours 

    Another huge advantage of working from home is that you are no longer tied to normal working hours. As long as you complete the work, it can be done at any time to suit you. If you need to take an afternoon off, you can work in the evenings to make up the time. 

    Working from home gives you much greater flexibility and, without the time spent commuting, you will find that your productivity levels are increased. 

    Running a home-based Auditel consultancy means you can take back control of your life and set yourself free from long and unpredictable working hours. And because you’re working for yourself, every hour you put into your business will be rewarded. 

    “I enjoy the flexibility of being able to take time off if I need to and being able to take holidays when it’s convenient for me, although I’m always in touch with colleagues and clients,” Gillian Gibbon, Auditel franchisee. 

    1. Low overheads 

    Working from home cuts the costs of office space and the bills that come with it. This means that you are more likely to become profitable sooner than if you were to operate from an office premises. 

    Not only does working from home give you flexibility personally, it will also provide you with flexibility in your business. When operating from an office space, your business capacity is limited to the office. Working from home allows you to hire more or fewer staff or work longer or shorter hours to suit your business operation.

    1. Less risk 

    Running a business from home takes much less investment and once you’re business is up and running, it’s cheaper and easier to maintain than a separate business location. Plus, you can expand and decrease as is required by your workload. 

    You can gradually grow the business from home and build a reputation in your area. Should you decide to expand, you’ll know that you have a large enough customer base to allow you to cover the costs of the premises. 

    1. A better lifestyle 

    You will be able to enjoy a much better lifestyle when these other benefits take effect. With no commute, you’ll have more spare time and, being at home, you can be around your family on a much more regular basis. 

    Many of our franchisees fit their working hours in around the activities they enjoy and visiting children at important school events such as sports day and school plays. 

    Running an Auditel franchise will help you to achieve both business and personal goals. 

    daryndodge02“Giving up a lucrative job when you have a young family is a big decision and I knew I had to get it right. So, I sat down and made a list. It was a list of personal goals, such as wanting a change of lifestyle, wanting to take control of my own destiny, wanting to spend more time with my family and so on. I still look at this list from time to time, just to make sure I don’t lose sight of why I’m doing what I do,” Daryn Dodge, Auditel franchisee

  2. logo squareIt’s funny, isn’t it, how your life can suddenly take a different direction? 

    I never in a million years expected I would be doing what I am now, and it’s all down to the influence of a good friend I’ve known for years. I have thanked her, by the way. 

    My life B.C. (before children) was spent working to live. I was encouraged to go straight from school to university, to get a good job to afford a home and feed myself. I did all that and became a self-sufficient, independent woman with a career as a school teacher and a great social life through musical and theatrical hobbies. That was a great foundation for who I am now. 

    I got married and left teaching to have our first child all within quite a short space of time. I was in my early 30s by then and I didn’t want to hang around in a job I was getting increasingly depressed about. 

    I wouldn’t say I was a particularly confident person. I wasn’t an outstanding teacher, musician, actor; but I got by. I’ve always suffered from low self-esteem and self-worth. But parenting changed that quite a bit. With this new-found maternal instinct, I became much more assertive and determined to do the best I could for my family. I’m sure this resonates with many other mums out there. 

    IMG_1662The downside to being a stay-at-home mum was losing my independence. 

    Fast forward to now, however, and after many years of being financially dependent on my husband, I am ready to get mine back. After all, we mummies need something for ourselves, don’t we? 

    I need my own income; I need my independence. And now I’m getting that by doing something completely different and unexpected – running my own business. And I LOVE it. 

    My business is related to building self-confidence. Not surprising, really, seeing as confidence growth is something I’m personally passionate about. I was drawn to my company’s ethos and belief in the empowerment of women through image…. 

    If you look good, you feel good! 

    We don’t frivolously sell cosmetics though. Being empowered is personal and unique to the individual, so wherever possible we like to meet our clients personally. As colour advisors, we assess our client’s colouring type so we can ‘prescribe’ the most flattering shades for their individual skin tone, hair colour and eye colour. 

    For example, a fair-skinned, blonde, blue-eyed lady would not suit the same lipstick, blush and eye products as a dark-haired, dark-eyed lady with a deeper skin tone. It’s common sense, you realize, but there’s a bit more colour science to it and that’s where we can help. 

    Most people can wear purple…or green… but it’s which purple or green will suit them best that matters. Think how many different shades there are; it’s down to the undertones, brightness and clarity of the colours. 

    The brilliant thing about Colour Me Beautiful At Home is the colour assessments and makeup trials are FREE! We want you to only buy what’s right for you and what you will USE. We come to your home for an individual or group session, where you learn your personal colour type and the products available to you. It’s so convenient to be able to buy and replace only the shades you use and love. You can build up your own personal palette of products. It saves time, it saves money and, most of all, you can be CONFIDENT in the knowledge that we only let you buy what suits you! 

    45Colour Me Beautiful At Home is a new UK company coming from the hugely successful image and style company Colour Me Beautiful. I am a UK Founder and am passionate about empowering as many women as possible with my service, and also to introduce this opportunity to anyone who’d like to become an Independent Advisor. Feel free to get in touch if you, or anyone you know, would like more information. 

    See That Girl is my personal brand. It’s a lyric from my favourite song, Dancing Queen. For me, it exudes my new-found confidence and my passion for helping others feel the same. Nowadays I live to work, because I’ve found my ‘forever job.’ 

    Back to my close friend who is responsible for all this… 

    She could see the lonely, bored rut I was in. What did she do? 

    She finally managed to persuade me to join Facebook! 



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